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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our PRODUCT / SERVICE and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send email to info@americanhomeimprovers.com.

1. Do I really need a professional contractor to help me with my insurance claim?

Remember, the goal of the insurance company is to be profitable. A specialist in the insurance claims process and roofing repairs can help you achieve a fair resolution of your insurance claim. Do you recall the insurance industry’s recent history in handling the hurricane Katrina and the hurricane Wilma storm damage? It is a very wise decision to be fully protected when negotiating with your insurance company.

2. Do I really need my professional contractor present when meeting with insurance adjuster?

Yes! The insurance claims adjuster’s inspection is a critical step in your claims process because this is where decisions are made. Adjusters have an enormous amount of authority to deny or approve your insurance claim. Hail and wind damage are very subjective conditions and a good adjuster has the ability to talk in circles or “tap dance” around the damaged condition of your roof or house. If you are uninformed or intimidated, you won’t be able to dispute adjuster’s findings and opinions. If your claim is denied, you might face giant obstacles in getting your storm-related damages paid by your insurance company. American Home Improvers, Inc. can act as your advisor during this crucial meeting.

3. How do we replace the Roof and Siding at no cost?

Your insurance company is obligated to replace your roof or siding if there is enough hail or wind damage. We will do the work within your insurance settlement so you will not have to pay a single penny out of your pocket.

4. How do I claim for damage to my insurance company?

We will point out to you when and where damages have occurred and assist you in filing the claim until the settlement is reached.

5. Do you offer Free Inspections and Estimates?

Of course, just contact one of our sales representatives and we will be more than glad to go out and inspect your home and give you the estimate at no cost.